Want To Build A Coaching Business That Gives You Consistent, Predictable INCOME?

Being a coach means nothing if you don’t know how to actually make MONEY

Yes, all those “free” sessions you give are important. BUT if you don’t have the SYSTEMS for generating consistent income, you’ll always regret not being able to make the impact you know you could…

Are you also sick of the noise of every other coach or consultant out there promising miracles if you just follow their “success” formula?

Most coaches struggle to find their voice, get their message out there, and attract the clients they WANT to serve. WHY? Because they have NO SYSTEMS, and don’t understand how to build a sustainable business that gives them the freedom and control to do what they love full-time

We offer multiple ways to help you do this. Get started by signing up for our FREE scholarship for the 'Get Paid Clients' Masterclass, or if you want to an even quicker way of getting started, book a 1-on-1 mentorship session.

What we offer...

Step-by-step guidance & mentorship:

#1. (FREE) The Get Paid Clients Masterclass (for coaches)

(NO business / Sales Experience Needed) 

Want Free access? Apply for a scholarship (valued at $700) in this Masterclass where you'll discover the #1 reason you're not getting paid clients, the top 4 mistakes most coaches make when starting out (and how to avoid them),  the simple blueprint to get paid clients, and how to build a professional coaching business (from scratch. And even if you have NO business / sales experience)

*Based on qualification and availability

#2. The 6 Pillars of Business Success Mentorship Program (for coaches)

In-depth, Step-by-step training on the essential principles, skills, and strategies for finding your voice, and building a profitable coaching brand (from scratch). Along with 'done-for-you' tools & templates (for easy implementation), and a group of likeminded coaches & entrepreneurs (for support & accountability)

Apply below for access to the step-by-step business and leadership building course with the other brilliant, like-minded women coaches and entrepreneurs

*Apply to get accepted into The 6 Pillars of Business Success Mentorship Program (for coaches)

#3. The 90-Day Business Accelerator (for coaches)

A tailored 1-on-1 mentorship experience that guides you step-by-step for getting recurring paid clients, and building a profitable coaching business that gives you consistent Income. Included bonuses are

  • The 6 Pillars of Business Success
  • The done-for-you tools & templates
  • The Superhero tribe of likeminded coaches & entrepreneurs (for support & accountability), and more
  • and more...

*Apply to get accepted into The 90-Day Business Accelerator (for coaches)

 What are other coaches & experts saying?

Samra Shahid

Mindset Coach

How it all started?

I was highly introverted, socially uncomfortable, and lacking in confidence

I knew that I wanted to do something, something big

I wanted to express myself to the world, assist others overcome their difficulties

… And share my unique story to inspire others.

I had no idea how to go about it until I booked my discovery call with my now coach/mentor, Warren Nel.


A call that took me to a brand new trajectory to self-discovery. 

I vividly recall my first Mastermind, where I was so anxious that I bit my nails and prepared excessively to ensure that everything went properly…

Little did I know that the moment I stood up to talk, I won’t be looking back!


I am unrecognizable! And I owe it all to my coach and mentor, Warren Nel, who’s humble, devoted, and incredibly compassionate which I am truly grateful for 🙏🏼

I made some beautiful connections with kind-hearted and intelligent people coming from different walks of life that I learned so much from, and created memories that I will cherish forever as these sessions mark the beginning of my journey as a Life Coach 🙏🏼🙏🏼 

Excited and determined to heal the world 🌎

Mission: PEOPLE. 🚀 


Health & Skincare Coach

I was on a personal growth journey to push myself to become an online coach.

However, after completing two other well-known courses, I had a lot of facts, but I was still no closer toward the practical side of building my business…

I stumbled across an advert on Facebook (with Warren Nel) and decided to sign up for the challenge.

Warren called me and we had such a good laugh and conversation, and he asked me to join the Mastermind course…

Before we were halfway in, I already knew that I wanted to know more.

He is practical, listens to your problems, and helps you to solve them - feeling like a superhero when you do.

Life caught up with my dreams and I am still working on getting the word out there, but I can truly say that

I am not alone.


Warren keeps on checking up on my progress, keeps on pushing me forward to get out of my shell and fetch my dreams. 

After the 6 Pillars of Business Success Course – which gave me so much more than I could ever dream of - I have a changed way of thinking and building my dream

I can truly say that Warren has helped me to focus on the growth of me while I am building my business.


I am a busy mom of 2 teenagers and a pilot wife, so time is not on my side to focus on one thing only, however Warren is still helping me build my dream. 

He has not given up on me and I am so incredibly grateful for the trust and friendship and above all, mentorship, that I receive.

I am also part of a community of ladies that are understanding and amazing, and also building their own futures with Warren, and it’s nice to celebrate their big and small wins every week, moving forward. 

If you are stuck and need a mentor that goes above and beyond, shows you a helping hand whenever you need to be pulled up, give you a push when you feel you cannot go further, sign up with Warren Nel.

You get so much more than just a course – you get a course in living a positive life.

I cannot recommend Warren’s training enough to everyone, as we all need a little more humanity in our dreams, while becoming superheroes

With love and incredible gratitude

"Dear coach, you have a superpower...

A message. A story.

Something powerful, that only you can give!

The world is just waiting for you to discover it, develop it, And use it to change the world in your own unique way."

Warren Nel

My story

(in a nutshell...)

In 2019 I got the dreaded news... I was being let off from my job.

“Do I find another job, or pursue my passion of launching my coaching business?”


Want Weekly Tips, Strategies & Inspiration?

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I’m obsessed with discovering and testing out new ideas and strategies for everything needed to help coaches find their voice, get their message out there while building a professional coaching business that gives them consistent income

Follow my newsletter or blog where I document this journey.

 What else are other people saying?

Design Consultant & Architect (Futurist Landscape & Urban design specialist)

Working with Warren as my life and performance coach has been a total game-changer! Before joining his 1on1 mentorship program, I felt completely stuck and uncertain about how to reach my goals. But let me tell you, things took a 180-degree turn!

Warren helped me see my strengths and boosted my confidence like never before. He guided me in breaking free from self-doubt and embracing a growth mindset. And the results? Oh boy, they were incredible!

One thing that really blew my mind was his methodical approach to helping me find strategies to maximize my potential and discover my vision. He introduced me to bullet journaling, and it's been a total game changer! I've become so consistent with it, and it's helping me align with my plans for the future.

Now, I tackle tasks with newfound confidence, and it's had a massive impact on my business performance. Not only that, but my overall well-being and relationships have also improved significantly.

I can't stress this enough – if you're looking for someone to be your partner on the journey to positive change, Warren is the real deal! He's not just a coach; he truly cares about your progress. So, if you're ready to unlock your potential and live a fulfilling life, do yourself a favor and connect with Warren. Trust me, it's totally worth it!

Ajmal Majeed

Aviation Security - Training Specialist - Emirates

I was looking for a coach for a while, but I could not find anyone that actually challenged me enough to enroll for further sessions.

So, I searched online and found a program that Warren was doing called the Success Crash Course.

I found it unusual at first that it was group sessions
However, it has been one of the most impactful experiences I've had in months.

Warren has created such a safe environment that everyone in the group wanted to share their own experience – their hopes, fears and ambitions – and all with complete strangers.
After each session, I felt positive, eager for more and hopeful for the future.

Since those few sessions had such an impact on me, I decided to join the 6 Pillars of Success and also sign up with the personalized 1-ON-1 Coaching with Warren.

The 6 Pillars of Success is a fantastic platform where you get to learn how to set your goals and work on your strengths and weaknesses, but also where you get to know other people with the same avid need to pursue their dreams and push boundaries to achieve their goals, and who want to grow personally and professionally.

If you are looking to thrive and challenge yourself, Warren is your coach!

Warren is 100% invested in all sessions – he does regular follow-ups on our growth, he is enthusiastic and always finds new ways to share and explain powerful ideas for us to reflect on and implement in our lives.

Thank you Warren for helping me reach new heights and for your continuous support in achieving my goals!

Jennyfer Brzoza

Client Services Manager for KSA and Key Account Lead for NEOM

Warren is the one of the most incredible personalities that I have encountered and been fortunate to connect with in the recent past.

He is very strategic in breaking down the thought process, providing complete clarity and perspective to our thoughts and helping us really understand the WHY behind what we’re doing in our lives personally and professionally.

Most of all, he is a great friend and a respectable figure who follows the principle of, "Giver's Gain". I’ve been a part of his basic course called, ‘The Success Crash Course’, and am now a part of his advanced personal and professional development course called ‘The Six Pillars of SUCCESS - it’s been an amazing journey meeting and connecting with like-minded people dedicated to GROW!

These programs have a very collaborative approach and act as a support system for its members to step up in achieving goals and building their vision, defining what success means to them, and growing themselves to achieve it.

I’ve personally had a very unique experience in his programs and I highly recommend any of his programs to anyone out there looking to improve, grow and find a community of driven people hungry for growth and success in their lives.

Kiran Thazhamon

Get Paid Clients Masterclass

(for coaches)

If you’re a woman coach looking for a straight-forwardSTEP-BY-STEP approach for building a highly professional coaching business, then don’t miss out on the next "Get Paid Clients Masterclass (for Women Coaches)"


Form - Get Paid Clients

  Who we've worked with...

Sebastien Braxton

Business consultant and international speaker

UX/UI Designer and Serial Entrepreneur

Spoken in over 80 countries worldwide

Adrian Puiu

Certified by The John Maxwell and John Maxwell team