How to Actually get Paid Coaching Clients

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⚠️ WARNING: Pricing mistakes up ahead…

Are you making these PRICING mistakes?

“Let me set my prices really low” (just to be safe…I’m new after all)

“What are other coaches pricing their programs at?”

Among the many pricing mistakes you can make as a coach. These are the biggest. 

Here’s why…

Remember the last time you went to a networking event?

Do you remember how you showed up – how you dressed, how you walked, and how you greeted people?

Remember how you tried to make the best first impression?

… First Impression. That’s the point. 

Nobody shows up to a networking event with scruffy clothes and seeking to make a poor impression…

It’s exactly the same reason you shouldn’t set low (or average) prices!

Remember this: Your pricing is your first impression in the marketplace.

Low pricing = low first impression.

And vice versa. High pricing shows higher VALUE.

(It’s like showing up with your best jacket, or necklace!)

And the best part about higher prices?

… you attract more serious clients. 

(I’m serious. You choose your pricing, and you choose your clients!)

So, as you go out there wanting to stand out and make a name for yourself (i.e. first impression), what are you up against?

In today’s digital economy,  you’re up against 3 enormous challenges:

1. A highly saturated market with an ocean of other coaches or experts out there wanting to attract attention

2. A super-distracted ‘goldfish’ audience (with an average attention span of 3 seconds or less!)

3. An audience who have become exceedingly skeptical (with all the online scams and fake coaches out there)… I’m generally quite open, but even I’ve become a bit skeptical.

Let’s be real. Your audience is unforgiving:

If they don’t instantly like what they see in your content, they’ll swipe down (and find the next coach)

If they don’t feel good about you when they meet you, it’s very unlikely you’ll get a second chance.

Why? The psychology is, “when in doubt, we will leave it out”

(And by “leave it out” I mean, “swipe down”, or “move on to the next person…”)

Bottom line: first impressions matter. And that’s why your pricing matters.

So what now?

Whether or not you’re starting out, or if you’ve made this pricing mistake or not, I encourage you to sit down and assess (or reassess) your pricing. 

Think about what kind of impression you want to put out there, and set your pricing accordingly!

See you in the next blog with more tips and strategies!

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