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⚠️“just be yourself” is bad advice… (The Trap of Comforting Sayings)

“Just be yourself” is bad advice

…if it’s used as an excuse.

In a world constantly whispering, “Just be yourself,” it’s easy to fall into a comfort zone disguised as self-acceptance.

But, are we mistaking it for an excuse to avoid growth?

“Don’t change; you’re perfect as you are” is another one.

These sayings can nurture self-love, but shouldn’t justify stagnation.

I’m not advocating changing your core essence (unless that needs changing of course!), but I am endorsing the notion of continuous self-reinvention as a requirement for growth.

Another one is, waiting for the “right moment”, or the “perfect opportunity”

Again, there’s some truth in these sayings. But too often people hide behind them.

The other side of the coin? When it comes to opportunity, most successful people don’t wait.

In fact, most of them turn what could be categorized as average opportunities into successes.

Oprah Winfrey started her career as a news anchor in Nashville, Tennessee, but after being fired, rather than giving up, she moved to Baltimore and landed a job hosting a local talk show. From there, she built a successful career in media, eventually launching her own talk show, producing movies, and starting her own media network.

Change is the path to growth

It’s not about becoming someone else but unveiling a better version of yourself. 

Shed the layers of doubt and complacency. 

Ask yourself, “Am I growing, or am I hiding behind comforting sayings?”

Action > words

This week, challenge yourself. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Seek out opportunities for growth, even in small steps.

Self-improvement is a journey that starts with a single step forward.

I’m interested to know, how do you personally balance self-acceptance with the desire for growth? Comment and let me know

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