How to Actually get Paid Coaching Clients

... NO business / Sales Experience Required

👩🏼‍🎓the ONLY coaching qualification you’ll ever truly need

It’s shocking how few coaches actually succeed in building a thriving business (that gives them consistent income)

The real reason? They don’t care.

Hear me out…

My first biggest mistake starting out was saying to myself, “I know my audience…”

I didn’t. And I paid the price.

Hundreds of hours (and dollars). 


On building the ‘perfect’ coaching program

… that nobody wanted. 

“Putting yourself out there” is not enough

John Maxwell once said, “Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand”

To earn the privilege to serve your audience, you must do the brave work of connecting.

Get to KNOW them personally.

How? Actual discussions.

Human-to-human. Again and again. Over and over

It’s easy to shy away from this sometimes hard work (it tends to take more energy than sitting behind the laptop and working ON your business)

BUT. These interactive engagements the best investment you’ll ever make – in your business, yes, but most importantly, in your life.

Few things give us greater fulfillment than the relationships we build. 

In our quest to change the world in our own unique way (through building a profitable online business), we have such a unique opportunity to maximize our fulfullment through these relationships!

So the question to all of us (coaches/leaders/entrepreneurs) is…

How much do we really care? 

If we do, we’ll do this hard but meaningful work.

Along the way, we earn the privilege of leadership and service.

And of building a business that allows us to do what we love full-time and change the world in our own unique way.

My name is Warren. My mission is simple:

Help women coaches get PAID clients, STAND out, and build an authentic coaching business that generates Consistent Income, and that gives them the freedom and control to do what they love full-time (and change the world in their own unique way)

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