How to Actually get Paid Coaching Clients

... NO business / Sales Experience Required

🔴 Are you hitting the spot for your clients?

“Aah yes. That hit the spot!”

We all know the feeling.

The feeling of ending the final chapter (on that booked you’ve spent hours reading)…

Or of your thirst being quenched on a hot summer’s day…

Or the warmth of the sun on your skin after a long winter…

Or, for my muslim brothers and sisters, the satisfaction of that first Iftar meal after a long day of fasting.

   Satisfaction. Contentment. Joy.

Everyone seeks to experience it in different areas of their lives (e.g. relationships, careers, business, etc.)

In the heart of every successful coaching business (or any business) lies a critical question:

…Are You Hitting the Spot?

That is, are you offering what your audience truly wants

Too many coaches build offers/programs that don’t taste good! They completely miss the mark.

“How does this happen?”


When we build offers/programs based on what we think they want (rather than solid understanding), we’re in danger.

Knowing WHAT to build is worth thousands of dollars.

When was the last time you really dug deep into what your audience desires?

“How do I solve this issue?”

4 Tips to go from Assuming to Knowing (And avoid the #1 mistake in your coaching business):

   1. Surveys

Conduct short, targeted surveys to gather feedback on what your audience seeks from your coaching. You could use 

Pro tip: include a gift for completing the survey (e.g. a helpful how-to guide or training)

   2. Q&A sessions (for real-time engagement)

Use live sessions on social media or with a group of people on zoom to directly ask and answer questions, providing a platform for real-time engagement.

   3. Live calls

Analyze data from discussions (e.g. 1on1 / discovery sessions) to understand what content resonates most with your audience.

This one is my personal favorite.

   4. Interviews

Schedule periodic interviews to seek out detailed responses from your dream clients.

“What kinds of questions do I ask?”

  Ones around…

👉 Understanding needs and challenges (“What led you to seek out coaching services?”)

👉 Experience with your coaching (“What specific aspect of our coaching have you found most valuable?”)

👉 Expectations and desires (“How do you measure success in your personal or professional growth?”)

👉 Feedback on Offerings (“In what ways has our coaching helped you achieve your goals?”)

👉 Suggestions for Improvement (“Are there any topics or areas you wish were covered more in our sessions?”)

👉 Future Engagement (“Looking forward, what additional support or services would you be interested in?”)

“What do I do with the answers?”

ADJUST your offers (and content and marketing strategies) based on the feedback.

What this looks like practically:

1️⃣ review the data (client’s answers)

2️⃣ find the patterns (words and phrases) and note # of times you see the same pattern

For example for coaches with clients in the career/leadership space, they might see patterns with their clients like:

– “struggling to be assertive in my work environment” X4

– “constantly distracted with a hundred tabs open in their head” X3 

… you get the idea.

3️⃣ Make adjustments

Ask: “what changes do I need to make in order to make my stuff truly valuable to this audience?”

And then implement them. 

That’s how you innovate.

That’s how you avoid the #1 mistake most coaches/entrepreneurs make (creating something nobody wants)

Again, this determines whether you hit the spot with stuff your clients LOVE, or completely miss the mark (and run a losing business with stuff your clients don’t care about)…

And on that note, I’d like to know, what are 3 topics you’d like to see in future blogs?

Comment below with “topics I’d like to see in future blogs are 1…”

(e.g. “how to overcome imposter syndrome as a coach” / “how to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time”)

I value your feedback. And I value you 🙂

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