How to Actually get Paid Coaching Clients

... NO business / Sales Experience Required

🪝4 Tips to Get Your Customers Hooked on your Offers

Know the #1 skill in business? 


(No sales. No business.)

And the single secret to selling? 


What happens if your audience isn’t emotionally involved with what you’re selling?


It’s like having the cure to a terrible disease, but you can’t share it… 

…frustrating right? 

That’s what happens when you don’t know how to sell…

The truth is, you’re ALWAYS selling something – whether it’s an idea, an action to take, or your offer…

If you want to change lives, you must master this skill.

Selling mostly involves getting people to FEEL.

Simple: No emotion = no action = no transformation

Here are 4 Proven Tips to Get Your Customers Hooked on your Offers:

Tip #1: Personal Stories

When I share my offer, I start with…

“In 2019, I got the dreaded news…”

Why? Because it’s more interesting than if I started with, “My 90-day mentorship program is great because…” 🥴(cringe)

People love real-life experiences. 

Stories NEVER get old. (read that again)

Don’t just share info about the thing you’re selling. Share your journey, the struggles, and how the thing (e.g. coaching) transformed your life.

Tip #2: Tap into their Goals

A guru once said: “Don’t tell them what the program is. Tell them how it can help them achieve what they want.”

I think we can do even better. How?

Ask them questions to help them discover (tap into) their goals, and then ask questions to help them imagine what your program could help them achieve (a powerful technique called future pacing)

That’s why I never do “sales” calls anymore. But discovery calls instead ( you’re basically coaching them through the process – that’s why coaching is an incredible skill for high ticket closing)

It’s a beautiful art to master which involves helping them paint a vivid picture of the potential future success they could experience by enrolling in your coaching program

… all without being weird / salesy (because they are the ones making the final decision)

Tip #3: Address their Pain Points


Whether it’s a terrible toothache, or a broken heart…

It’s that feeling we all want to avoid.

PAIN: the strongest human driver.

Understand your customers pains, and you’ll have the keys to serve them – to speak so they listen, and to sell services they badly WANT (and are willing to pay for)

Tip #4: Show off (in a nice way)

“I like this person, but can they really help me?” 

That’s your potential customer upon meeting you for the first time.

It’s no secret. People are becoming more and more skeptical…

And testimonials help… A LOT.

They drive belief like nothing else.

Testimonials are the new certification.

The psychology: “Wow! If she can help that person (who is like me), I’m sure they can help me!”

If you haven’t yet, start getting authentic reviews from past clients.

Just applying ONE of these 4 tips will significantly increase your conversion rates.

All the best!

My name is Warren. My mission is simple:

Help women coaches get PAID clients, STAND out, and build an authentic coaching business that generates Consistent Income, and that gives them the freedom and control to do what they love full-time (and change the world in their own unique way)

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