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A Letter To My Younger Self (Ask For Help. Even Heroes Do)

Ever find yourself stuck, but resistant about asking for help?

If so, here’s something that may resonate with you.

It’s a short letter I wrote to my younger self (in 2019 when starting out as a coach). 

Here goes 

( start of letter ) 

Dear coach, are you sure you’re ready for a mentor?

“I don’t got this”

Sometimes, it’s ok to admit it.

And to simply… ask for help

… yes, even heroes do.

But you have to let go:

Of your ego

Of the yearning for certainty

Of having it all figured out

Of having all the answers

Of what people think.

Just. Let. Go.

For a second, imagine you’ve done it.

Feel that? … Freedom.

Freedom to be curious.

To ask for help.

To be a beginner (again).

To see through new eyes.

To be humbled and in awe!

It’s simple.

1. Your life is too short to waste time.

2. Your message and story – too valuable to hide behind your insecurities.

3. Your potential – too precious to remain dormant..

4. Your progress – limited by your awareness and experience.

5. There are others out there who’ve been where you want to be. And done what you 

want to do.


If you let go and find the humility to ask for it…

You’ll unlock a whole new level of inner beauty, impact, and fulfillment.

A better way to live, and to lead will be opened up to you.

You’ll get to make the change you want to make in the world.

For the people you feel called to serve.

Far quicker than you ever thought possible.

Dear coach, Let go.

( end of letter ) 

If you’re looking for tips on finding the right mentor, lookout for my next blog post on exactly that 

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