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Are they ignoring your posts/messages? 👀 3 Keys to Grabbing the Right Attention

Have you ever wondered why your posts, trainings, ads, or messages don’t seem to catch your audience’s attention? 


(if your audience is raving about your content, feel free to ignore the below)

Imagine you’re at a bustling cocktail party (that is, with non-alcoholic cocktails 😉 )

Amidst the chatter and laughter, someone calls out your name. What happens?

Despite the noise, your ears perk up, and you looking around.

That’s the “Cocktail Party Effect” at work, and it’s a game-changer for grabbing and keeping the right attention.

How do you apply this?

     3 Keys to Grabbing (& Keeping) the Right Attention 👇

1️⃣ Speak Directly (i.e. call them out)

Generic messages get lost in the crowd. 

To make your audience turn their heads, craft messages that resonate with them personally.

How? Understand their specific problems (and their related pains and desires)

Scientifically speaking, it’s said that if you’re able to effectively call out someone’s problem, they automatically tend to believe you’re the one with the solution (i.e. you are positioned as the GO-TO authority). 

In a world facing the greatest attention loss pandemic of all time, and where there are more experts and coaches out there than ever before,

…this ability is a superpower.

2️⃣ Use Their Language 

The noise in our heads isn’t the same as the noise in others.

How we define or think about a problem isn’t the same as how your audience would.

(read that again)

Ask yourself: “what are phrases that would most resonate with them?”

You discover this through engagements with them – e.g. coaching sessions, discovery calls, etc. – an essential part of your market research activities.

In my coaching and discovery calls over the years I discovered a certain pattern of problems that my audience had. And most importantly, I learned the language that they use to describe these problems.

For example, when asking questions around the biggest challenges my audience has regarding building a coaching business, they said things like:

– “I don’t know where or how to get started…

– “I’m giving free (pro bono) coaching sessions but no paid clients…”

– “I’m not getting paid my worth…”

– “I want to make an impact through my coaching but I’m social media shy…”

And the list goes on.

This gives me clues in how to communicate DIRECTLY to them. 

I  try to embed language of these problems into the entire experience within my brand (messages, trainings, mentorship calls, posts, etc.)

Again, this determines whether people ignore you, or pay attention.

Important note: the goal is not to grab everyone’s attention. Only YOUR audience.

So, if you have a fairly small niche, it’s common that the volume of people paying attention would be low. 

You’re looking for quality and depth of attention, not just quantity (unless you’re wanting to be an influencer or a celebrity…)

What are your audience’s problems?

And more importantly, what’s the LANGUAGE they use to describe these problems?

3️⃣ Target them: 

Are your ideal clients working professionals, males, females? 

Or maybe they belong to a specific industry or interest group?

The more specific you are, the better. Try categorize your audience into ONE group (for example, women coaches, entrepreneurial moms, health-conscious executives, millennial career professionals).


By calling out to (and targeting) your audience specifically, you’re slicing through the noise of the digital world.

This isn’t just about getting random attention – it’s about attracting the right people to your programs so you can deliver the transformation they seek.

Again, the more accurately you can identify and speak to your audience, the higher your chances of converting them into paying clients.

So next time you’re crafting a post or an ad, think about the Cocktail Party Effect. 

Are you making your audience perk up and take notice?

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