Confused with How to Start out and Make Money as a Coach?

A Simple, Step-by-Step Blueprint for Building a Professional Coaching Business (from scratch! And even if you have NO experience in business)


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"I'm a coach. Now what?"

Where do I start? How do I stand out? How do I get paid clients?”

Building a coaching business can feel complicated if you don’t have a clear roadmap

With no directioncontroland consistency, most coaches are stuck with no clients (and no consistent cash flow!)

My name is Warren Nel.

My mission is simple: to help women coaches use their superpower to build successful coaching businesses that give them the freedom to do what they love full-time (and change the world in their own unique way!)

So if you’re sick of information overload, and you’re looking for a simplestep-by-step approach for building a professional coaching business (from scratch! And even if you have NO experience in business), ensure you apply for the 5-Day Business Challenge this week

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What You Can Expect in These 5-Days


How To Discover Your Superpower And Find Your Niche


How To Position Yourself As A Professional (So That You Stand Out Among The Crowd Of All The Other Coaches Online)


Live Session: The 6 Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make In Business (And How To Avoid Them)


How To Sell Like A Pro Without Being Weird Or Salesy


How To Automate Your Coaching Business (So You Get More Done In Less Time While Avoiding Burnout)

My Story in a Nutshell...

In 2019 I got the dreaded news: I was being let off from my job…

“Do I find another job, or pursue my passion of launching my coaching business?”

With mounting debts and other looming financial expenses threatening to consume us, it was a tough choice…

Especially as someone, who for years, struggled with confidence and imposter syndrome – and who knew nothing about coaching (and even less about business!)

BUT I knew there was so much more I could give the world – I was hungry to discover my potential, desperate to make a difference – so I took the leap.

After learning everything I could about becoming a leader and growing a profitable coaching business…

After spending tens of thousands of dollars (that I didn’t have) on getting certified through the John Maxwell Team, and receiving personalized mentorship from several world-class leaders, entrepreneurs and consultants around the globe…

After trying multiple strategies in the industry (and navigating hundreds more failures!)…

I not only learned to master the basics, but discovered how to SIMPLIFY the process

And ever since, I’ve had the privilege of helping others do the same for themselves

My name is Warren. I’m on a Mission is Help Women Coaches Discover and Develop Their Superpower, To Find their voice, boost their confidence, and build a successful coaching business – one that gives them the freedom and control to do what they love full-time and change the world in their own unique way

If you resonate with this message and want to join me on this journey, you know what to do.

Warren Nel

Business Mentor & Consultant

A simple, step-by-step blueprint for building a professional coaching business

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Form - Business Challenge

By filling in the form above, you agree to be contacted by e-mail and telephone with useful or promotional information about Warren Nel’s online programs.

What Do People Say About Warren?

"I worked with Warren as my coach and it was an amazing experience. I learned a lot from him. From having a sales conversation to having a different platform to find my leads, he helped me understand who are the people I want to work with, but the best part was the constant learning in his six pillars and millionaires club. I learned so much and built my confidence in communicating. He is an amazing coach who really dedicates his time to the session and your growth. Learned everything from confidence to creativity on how to present your topics in masterminds, and Webinars. Thank you Warren I came to you with lots of doubts and you helped me build my confidence and push myself to try things. It was the best experience and most productive sessions. Thank you for your support always even after the sessions Warren is always willing to support."

fatima hassan
Life Coach

"I was in a period where I was stuck thinking that I need more training and more time to be a coach. Uncertain if I will be able to make one day. I learned that I have to be sure of my capacities, trust my abilities and give credit to myself I am more confident about what I am doing and have more clarity. Warren Is always available and makes you feel special. He is so generous and shares all his knowledge and experience without restraint."

Life Coach

"I was on a personal growth journey to push myself to become an online coach, however after completing two other well-known courses I had a lot of facts; however, I was still no closer toward the practical side of building my business.

I stumbled across an advert on Facebook of course with Warren and decided to sign up for the challenge.

Warren called me and we had such a good laugh and conversation, and he asked me to join the Mastermind course. Before we were halfway in, I already knew that I wanted to know more.

He is practical, listens to your problems and helps you to solve it, feeling like a superhero when you do.

Life caught up with my dreams and I am still working on getting the word out there, however I can truly say that I am not alone. Warren keeps on checking up on my progress, keeps on pushing me forward to get out of my shell and fetch my dreams. After the 6 Pillars course – which gave me so much more than I could ever dream of, I have a changed way of thinking and building my dream.

I can truly say that Warren has helped me to focus on the growth of me while I am building my business. I am a busy mom of 2 teenagers and a pilot wife, so time is not on my side to focus on one thing only, however Warren is still helping me to build my dream. He has not given up on me and I am so incredibly grateful for the trust and friendship and above all, mentorship, that I receive.

I am also part of a community of ladies that are understanding and amazing and building their own futures with Warren and it is nice to celebrate their big and small wins every week, moving forward.

If you are stuck and need a mentor that goes above and beyond, show you a helping hand whenever you need to be pulled up, give you a push when you feel you cannot go further, sign up with Warren

You get so much more than just a course – you get a course in living a positive life.

I cannot recommend Warren’s training enough to everyone, as we all need a little more humanity in our dreams, while becoming superheroes.

With love and incredible gratitude"

Ine-Marie Bredenkamp
Wellness and Skincare Coach

"October 2019 was the turning point, I started to realize that the banking sector in Lebanon is witnessing the biggest crisis in history..and I should move on to something I’m passionate for and that can generate steady income.. Throughout my 29 years career in banking my subordinates who had the will, were all inspired by my way of setting my goals, accepting my limitations and working on them to reach the final destination.. I started my quest for finding the best diploma in coaching and I studied it for the past 2 years and I became a coach … Then what? Not knowing how to start and what is the strategy, what are the steps, what is my signature program, I preferred to stay in my banking career where it is safe with consistent financial income, although I had so many ideas, with a great passion to serve and empower people. My searching for ways to start and how to attract my desired audiences never stopped until I saw a very attractive 5-days business challenge designed “to help women coaches use their superpower to build successful coaching businesses' '. Yesterday, I literally had no strategy or mission for the type of coaching I want to be involved in until I did my 1on1 session with Warren Nel and It sparked my passion and enhanced clarity to my thoughts, I suddenly believed I can do it, found my signature program, and started writing down my strategy, and my vision is well defined now. I definitely recommend Warren and the business challenge, life is too short to only learn from your own mistakes, take the results of people who have been through all the process, learn from their mistakes, and take it from there. I recommend Warren to show you step-by-step how to build a professional coaching business from scratch and make it profitable and sustainable. I found my way Warren and I am happy you were part of it."

Nada El Eid
Life Coach

"I had a few concerns about my coaching business. I wasn't sure if I had targeted the right niche and whether I am using the correct strategies to attract clients. However, after meeting Warren, my perspective changed completely! During our engagement in the Business Challenge, Warren introduced several innovative ideas and strategies that helped me grow as a business professional. He challenged me to think outside the box and encouraged me to take risks. I discovered that I had untapped potential and that I was capable of achieving more than I ever thought possible. I gained more confidence and self-awareness which will allow me to overcome any obstacle that comes my way. My business acumen improved dramatically, thanks to this amazing program. I wholeheartedly recommend Warren and the Business Challenge program to anyone looking to enhance their professional skills and take their coaching career to the next level. His innovative approach to coaching and mentoring is incredibly influential."

Wessam Halawa
Career Coach

"What I am sharing here is an experience I had and it gave me a great push forward not only in the way I will be building my business but in the way I will deal with any challenge from now on.. Before the business strategy challenge I had a foggy approach due to a lack of clear path and the rush of information in mind..didn't know where to start.. How to process and what exactly my targets were Throughout the business challenge process things started to get clearer and clearer.. The steps Warren led throughout his advice made me aware of my real problem.. It was lack of strategy Warren was outstanding in giving me the keys that can open many locks.. Step by step.. Warren's well organized way of thinking was helpful in turning me from a generalist to a specialist which revealed later steps I highly recommend warren due to his passion in what he is doing, his exceptional skills in verbal clear communication, his well organized mind and helpful ideas and his encouraging attitude towards women, and his great belief that we have superpower and should get very use of it in changing our world He is a professional mentor who knows what he is doing and has the capability of changing lives and launching successful business"

May Khoder
Life Coach

"Ever since I could remember, I knew I liked helping people and that I’d like to be a coach, but the whole idea was never clear in my head. I had many blockages, no self confidence, and I was not able to start because the process and the steps I should take seemed very difficult for me. But after finishing the business challenge, my whole perspective has shifted. Warren has simplified things by sharing a step-by-step guide on how to discover my superpower, the steps I should take to build a successful online business, and how to deliver my passion to the world… I highly recommend this challenge especially if you feel stuck not able to start or to proceed in your business and become the coach you always dreamed of being ! Thank Warren for your continuous efforts and for sharing your knowledge!!"

Joanna Massoud
Life Coach

"I attended the business challenge with Coach Warren and I am glad I did. Warren has a great way in simplifying information and engaging you in understanding the topics in a smooth manner. I learned a lot from Warren and his style of coaching. I truly appreciate the time he invested in assuring the progress and benefit that is fully reflected and implemented. Thank you Warren"

Noora Dakhan
Business Coach

"My thought about the process to start a business mainly about coaching was really complicated, and I was having so many blockage before meeting Warren and being in the Business Challenge. The results were so far, and it was very hard to find out my niche, and I was not sure how can I sell my courses to the clients. What I discovered in the process is that it can be crystal clear if you follow a mentor and if you get the guidelines from someone who reached out to the place where you wanna go. The best thing in this business challenge is the engagement between so many people who have the same target/goal. The program is tailored to take you into a very successful journey where you can reach your goal easily. The result of our engagement is knowing how to start, finding out my niche, my own story, and the steps to follow until I can reach easily to my designed goal. There is a huge impact of this challenge that makes me realise a lot of things about myself and put me in front of a real mirror. No one will come out the same. The most important thing is to follow the daily assignments and to put everything into practice. Why I recommend Warren and the Business Challenge, because simply he is so supportive and he is a leader in this specific area to take you step by step very easily to your target. He is a great mentor who can help you to clear your way from all the obstacles, blockages, and the limiting beliefs that are the worst enemy everyone can face. Warren will help you out to get over these limiting beliefs and will guide you step by step towards your career progression in a specific time frame. All you need is commitment to do whatever it takes to reach your goal, and invest more in yourself by subscribing to an intensive program so you will have a closer guide into your journey."

Aya Shokrey
Founder of Heavenly Phoenix FZE, UAE Life coach and corporate trainer Coaching in e-commerce startups and selling online

"A friend who is also a Coach sent me the link to Warren's Business Challenge which offered the possibility of interviewing for a scholarship. I had been struggling and seeking direction on how to scale up my business as a Coach. I was under the impression that to be successful as a Coach, I needed a very heavy internet presence. Being someone who is more reserved, I was pleasantly surprised when Warren shared that his business was NOT built on the internet! Through the Business Challenge, I discovered the importance of identifying the end result that my client is looking for. In other words, finding their "pain point" and the importance of designing everything around it. I felt connected to Warren in the one on one zoom meetings as he shared his story and how he built his business. I now understand that people will buy if they perceive that the value I am offering them will fix their pain. I recommend Warren because he is authentic in his interaction and he shares personal experiences. I also felt that he genuinely wants to help me. He gave me several useful tips on the way forward for my business and I really appreciate this."

Agiso Odhuno
Life Coach

"First I was attracted by the subject "helping women coaches to embrace their power", and I was thinking how could this program help me or how it will add value to my career! Then, when I started the program, I began to visualize my journey so I started asking myself questions which highlighted some options and opportunities. The program was very interesting as it opened up new ideas and new challenges for me. Warren, I really appreciate you and your efforts, as well as your follow up and your dedication. I really recommend this program to all women coaches who are struggling with launching their business. Thank you again and best of luck!"

Zeina Chehabeddine
Life Coach

"Warren... You are one of the most unique coaches I've ever come across. Your craft, apprenticeship and execution are impeccable. I truly appreciate the time you've invested in us. I'm so grateful for your dedication and effort in coaching us. Certainly, your unique style of coaching has made a huge difference in my game. It's been an amazing experience from the beginning to the end. Thank you for bringing out the best in me. Salma Airani 🤍"

Salma Airani
Mindset Coach

"The course was so informative, helpful - such a gem that I can draw back from (especially now as I am approaching the end of my training) It was very Interactive and organized. I Learned from the platform and I learned from the fellow students. It was a very valuable experience. Thank you so much Warren"

Tracy Achieng-Ouko 
Life Coach

"I’d love to share my experience with The Business Challenge, I was stuck and after asking for guidance I met Warren Nel who gave me the opportunity to be part of his group, he was so generous by sharing valuable information and he offered great individual support. I am so grateful for this fruitful experience."

Life Coach

"I’d love to share my experience with The Business Challenge, I was stuck and after asking for guidance I met Warren Nel who gave me the opportunity to be part of his group, he was so generous by sharing valuable information and he offered great individual support. I am so grateful for this fruitful experience."

Rania Mezraani
Life Coach

"I was honored to be part of Mr Warren Nel's Business Challenge Program. He is a very generous and professional coach, and his program is so rich in information, guidance and breakthroughs Thank you Mr Nel for this opportunity, looking forward for investing in other programs"

Rewa Sakr
Life Coach

"Thank you for the business strategy session I have more clarity now and more insights about the steps that I need to take and how I should think in order to grow my business 🙏🏻✨"

Rita Jakmakian
Life Coach

"The Business Challenge read my mind. At that point I was searching for the first step. Warren is generous with information. Information that cuts through all the fog and makes the road clear. The Business Challenge will take you out of your comfort zone, and give you a simple system for building your coaching business Grateful for this opportunity"

Sarah Kamal Eldine Badran
Life Coach

"Thank you so much, Warren, for all the information and the insights. I personally have learnt a lot from you."

Hala Fayed
Life Coach

"We really thank you Warren for this challenging opportunity, for your step by step guidance and for sheding the light on the core and the main pillars of coaching and for gathering coaches within our country"

Marielle Rassi