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Do you think God wants you to be rich?

“Does God actually want me to be rich?”

Ever asked yourself this question?

It’s one that’s been on my heart and mind for the past 9 years.

The common theme in the wealth/personal growth space tends to be one of financial ambition.

When, in 2016, I discovered I wasn’t living up to my potential (and badly wanted to), I had a personal ‘renaissance’ (like a rebirth in my identity and purpose – I think you know the feeling…). 

With this, came an unexpected side effect: the aggressive pursuit of wealth.

(Which may have had something to do with the wealth books I started reading e.g. “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker)

After some time I felt a conflict building up within me…

It’s like this sudden shift in personal drive, while initially seeming like a natural part of my transformation, soon revealed a dark side…

The relentless chase for riches began overshadowing the core values of my journey, turning what was meant to be a period of profound self-discovery into a narrow quest for material gain.

And the worse part: 

The more I’d pursue wealth and “success”, the further I’d drift

… from God.

And the person He intended me to be.

The periods of financial abundance in my life were usually marked by times of spiritual decline.

Why? Because I didn’t feel as much of a need of God (perhaps you the feeling?)

And the dominant narrative in the personal growth space which glorifies the self (“you got this”, “nobody’s coming. It’s all you ”, etc. ) was only fueling this problem…

A deeper definition of success opened up to me: 

That is: success, is not about what we achieve or gain. But rather, it’s centered in:

1. Who we are in Him (God)

2. Who we become (i.e. the person He had in mind when He first created us), and

3. What we give (i.e. using our divinely-given gifts to contribute goodness and healing to the world)  

So to the question, “does God actually want me to be rich?”, my personal conviction has been the following;

God absolutely wants us to be rich. BUT not always in the way we might think (or even want). 

That is, SPIRITUAL richness – which is oftentimes in direct opposition to the worldy riches we tend to seek as ambitious coaches / entrepreneurs.

God seeks out our very best and He would never give us something that would jeopardize our spiritual well-being… 

Money and power are often things that do.

Don’t get me wrong – wealth can be an extremrely helpful (and essential) aspect of personal growth in empowering us to amplify good in the world, but it should never be at the expense of our values and virtue. 

I believe God should always be at the center of our labor for good.

A prayer that I’ve learned to pray is “Lord, help me to become the person that you can entrust more to.”

May the Lord be with you as you pursue spiritual riches above all. And may financial riches come your way if/when divinely appropriate for the expansion of good in the world🙏🏼

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