How to Actually get Paid Coaching Clients

... NO business / Sales Experience Required

Don’t make the same mistake I made…

3 DO’s and DONT’s of market research (for coaches) 👇

Know the #1 reason I failed as a coach starting out?

I created content/programs that nobody (or rather, few people) wanted…

Without proper market research, I was clueless.

How can you avoid this?


     #1. Clearly define your target audience

I’ve said it 100 times before and I’ll say it 100 times more.

Without understanding their demographics, interests, and PAIN points, you’ll be clueless as to what to create that your audience ACTUALLY wants.

     #2. Define clear research goals

Otherwise the process can get messy and frustrating.


– “I want to understand my audience demographics”

– “I want to assess my competitor’s offerings”

– “I want to measure how satisfied my clients are”

– “I want to track conversion rates”

     #3. Stay in the loop and adapt

If not, you could soon be out of business.

What are the trends and preferences in your niche?

Adapt your coaching services and market strategies accordingly

Ready for the DON’TS?


     #1. Skip research altogether

It’s obvious. But you’d be surprised to know how many coaches/entrepreneurs do.

What happens if you forget to do research? (sometimes ADHD kicks in and I do)

So now I embed the research process into my sales process (I gather data from the calls I do for the coaches applying for the masterclass I do)

That data has been a GOLD MINE.

     #2. Rely solely on intuition

Me when launching something new: “This is going to be amazing. I can feel it in my bones!!”

Also me when it failed: “… I wish I backed my intuition with actual data…”

Don’t be like I was… ALWAYS back your decisions with data and insights.

     #3. Dismiss negative feedback

True. Not everyone’s going to get it, and they’re not supposed to.

But if your target audience are the ones not getting it, it’s time to STOP doing what you’re doing. And LISTEN.

Negative feedback reminds me of when I got punched in the face in grade 6 for instigating a fight in class. It hurt, but there was a lesson to be learned.

Negative feedback = opportunity for improvement.

Ignoring it can destroy your business.

Ask yourself: “what is my audience trying to tell me? What am I learning? How can I adapt?”

Hope this helps!

My name is Warren. My mission is simple:

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