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Faith & leadership lessons (for faith-based coaches)

Ever marveled at how brief experiences can spark profound change within us, leaving a lasting impact?

An experience I had 2 weeks ago did just that…

We attended ‘Youth Fest’ (a week-long Spiritual growth event for youth)

Here are 5 special things about this event – along with some valuable leadership lessons I learned

1️⃣ A new birth anniversary: reflecting on 9 years since baptism

December, 20th 2014. The date that marks our second birth.

Of all the ways of reinventing oneself (a topic extensively explored through my years of coaching), I believe baptism to be the most liberating.

It’s incredible that as people of faith, we get offered a new identity – that we are sons and daughters of the Most High.

This very thought carried me through some of the toughest phases of my imposter syndrome in my first year of coaching. 

2️⃣ Renewed view of God

It marks the beginning of a momentous shift in my view of God, offsetting significant change in my spiritual walk with Him.

Why’s our view of God matter? 

It informs our identity as well as EVERYTHING we do – and don’t do. 

I think it was David Asscherick that once said that in the end, we all act out our image of God.

I’d argue that every single mental / bahavorial issues us humans face come down to this.

Really think about that…

3️⃣ Redefining leadership

This time we were invited to facilitate small group Bible discussions and lead out a seminar (on how to start your own Small Group Church).

I was reminded of the true definition of leadership:

Leadership (of any kind) = service

Without service, it’s not leadership.

And service requires humility. 

No humility, no service.

A tough (and ongoing) lesson for my selfish self to grasp (Lord have mercy on me).

Modern definitions and applications of leadership are broken. Our crisis-ridden world clearly reflect this.

John Maxwell is known for saying, “everything rises and falls on leadership”

Change this, and you change everything.

4️⃣ The youth

After school, about 70-80% of Church-going youth leave the Church.

This exodus highlights a crucial gap in engaging and retaining the interest of young people within religious communities.

It’s relieving and inspiring to see a 28-year old movement like Youth Fest actively working to reignite a passion for God in our next generation.

How can we, as the preceding generation, actively take on the responsibility of nurturing and empowering next-gen leaders?

5️⃣The love-governed community

A world governed by self-interest is destined for decay (again, our reality on this earth is proof).

A world governed by others-centeredness (i.e. love) is destined for harmony, compassion, abundance, and enduring peace.

AKA Heaven.

Being at Youth Fest was like being in the atmosphere of Heaven.

If you ask any of the attendees how they found the experience, I bet the vast majority would support 

With this in mind, what can we do to contribute to a more others-centered, harmonious world, starting from your own community?

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