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{guide: 3 Simple Secrets for Setting Rock-Solid Goals}

Something’s wrong.

20% of people set goals

…70% of these people fail to achieve them


Simple: they don’t know HOW to set goals.

Do you? (if so, ignore the rest of the email) 

If not (or if you’re curios),

Here are 3 simple secrets to setting goals (so you end off 2023 in a way you’re proud of!)

Your goals should be:

1. BIG

Goals that push you

Goals that scare you

…Goals that are worthy of your potential.

Your goals should be:

  2. Specific.

…so you know what you’re aiming for.

More clarity = more confidence (and motivation)= more likelihood of hitting your goals.

Your goals should be:

3. S y s t e m i z e d

James Clear (author of Atomic Habits), said, 

“You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems

… build systems.

Which of the above criteria do your goals match?

My name is Warren. My mission is simple:

Help women coaches get PAID clients, STAND out, and build an authentic coaching business that generates Consistent Income, and that gives them the freedom and control to do what they love full-time (and change the world in their own unique way)

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