Want PAID clients?

...in 30 days

...without using social media.

...without spending money on paid ads.

...without struggling with technical websites.

...without being ‘salesy’

And EVEN IF you're not tech savvy

30-Day Challenge for Coaches



I'm giving away 80% scholarships to a *limited number of coaches.

The main cost is your time and commitment.

...and a nice testimonial.


Self-worth Coach

"I had grown tired of offering only FREE sessions...

Then I joined the Superhero Mentorship Program with Warren Nel.

Success occurred after I applied everything I learned from the Superhero Mentorship Program with Warren

And when I launched my first program,

I secured my first PAID CLIENTS within just two weeks."

If Amani can do it, 

YOU can too...

“I want paid clients 

...but I HATE social media...”

Forget about social media…

You DO NOT need social media to get paid clients.

There are coaches with THOUSANDS of followers 

...and ZERO income.

And coaches with under 2k followers

making millions…

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If you want to attract your first (or next) paid clients,

or generate your first (or next) $1,000 to $2,000

... in 30-days.

If you’re tired of giving out ‘FREE’ sessions (and not getting paid your worth)

Or if you’re sick of seeing other coaches (half as good as you)

doing 10x better than you…

And you're done wasting time and energy on non-income generating activities

(like building a fancy website or posting content...)

And you want to finally get your RETURN on investment in your certification (that you spent thousands of dollars on) and get consistent PAID clients flowing into your business

...then apply with the button below.

(Hurry, we're only giving away a limited number scholarships at a time)

Rana El Hindy

Holistic dietitian and Lifestyle Coach, founder of Activerde Lifestyle

"Before I met Warren, I was lost and confused, not knowing where to start.

I had zero clients online, and I had been stagnating for more than a year.

After the 'Get Paid client challenge' (after just 2 sessions) with Warren, I was able to think more clearly.

Warren helped me to identify my target audience, and helped me reach more people and scale up my business using some techniques that do not require social media. 

In just one week after this challenge I was able to get some clients and get more engagement in my business

I am grateful I met Warren, and I recommend any woman entrepreneur to take this challenge - to be more confident, improve her business and reach her goals.

He helps you take the right steps for much faster results."

What's included in the '30-Day Get Paid Clients Challenge':

X4 1on1 Mentorship sessions 

Step-by-step Guidance & Accountability with Warren Nel to ensure you Implement the Strategy Correctly and hit your goal

BONUS #1: Get-Paid-Clients Framework

A Proven step-by-step method to Get Paid Clients consistently (without using social media / paid ads / technical funnels)

BONUS #2: Consistent Cashflow System

Easy-to-use tracking tools to help you establish clear financial goals, KPI‘s, and daily money-generating activities to ensure consistent cashflow

BONUS #3: Coaching Business Toolbox

Ready-to-use Guides, Templates, Scripts, and Checklists (to save hours of time and get more done in less time)

Form - Get Paid Clients (80% Scholarship)

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What are other Coaches, Experts, and Consultants saying?

Bana Aswad

Health & wellness coach, Cranio-sacral therapist, Integrative coach professional

"I was always intimidated by social media, and by being told that the only way for me to get clients was through it.

When I saw Warren was offering a marketing mentorship that doesn’t use social media I jumped into the opportunity, and I am so glad I did.

I had a great experience with Warren.

He provided me with way more information and tools than I expected to have in such a short time.

Feels like I had a whole course in marketing.

The mentorship provided easy simple steps to follow without it being overwhelming but challenging enough for me to grow.

Because of Warren’s support and mentorship, I was able to get started with clients and I feel confident moving forward knowing exactly what I need to do to grow my coaching business.

I highly recommend working with Warren as he offers continuous support and several tools to use."

Asmae Fahoum

Co-active Coach

"Before meeting Warren, I was lost in how to target my audience and sell them my services.

After only 2 sessions with him, I learned how to define and narrow my client profile and how to define and structure my value proposition.

This was an important step to start targeting the right audience with the right message and the right offer.

Warren is a structured and generous mentor.

1 hour mentoring with him is like 6 hours with another mentor."

Form - Get Paid Clients (80% Scholarship)

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My Story 

In 2019 I got the dreaded news... I was being let off from my job.

“Do I find another job, or pursue my passion of launching my coaching business?”

That is, Building a business around coaching.

With mounting debts, and other expenses threatening to consume us (Dubai living was expensive!)

That was a tough choice.

Especially as someone, who for years, battled with low self-confidence and imposter syndrome…

And who knew nothing about coaching, and even less about business!

BUT I knew one thing…

“There’s so much more I can offer the world.” 
(I felt it in my bones!)

I had a message.

A story. A desire to serve.

Hungry to explore my potential. Desperate to make a difference.

… I took the leap.

After learning everything I could about becoming a leader and growing a profitable coaching business…

After spending tens of thousands of dollars (that I didn’t have) on getting certified through the John Maxwell Team, and receiving personalized mentorship from several world-class leaders, entrepreneurs and consultants around the globe…

After trying multiple strategies in the industry (and navigating hundreds more failures!)…

I not only learned to master the basics, but discovered how to SIMPLIFY the process.

And ever since, I’ve had the privilege of helping others do the same for themselves.

My name is Warren. My mission is simple:

Help women coaches get PAID clients, STAND out, and build an authentic coaching business that generates Consistent Income, and that gives them the freedom and control to do what they love full-time (and change the world in their own unique way)

If you resonate with this message and want to join me on this journey, get started below.

~ Warren

Warren Nel

Business Mentor & Consultant

Ready to get Paid Clients?

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What are other Coaches, Consultants, Experts & experts saying?

Rasha Alshubaian

Co-active Coach

I was really interested and intrigued by Warren’s organized masterclass outcomes.

It was like he was a God-sent because I was so confused on how to get out of the stuck feeling I found myself in. 

Warren is very direct to the point and clear.

I learned so much from his masterclass and applied literally every tip I learned, and I immediately gained results.

My coaching journey is thriving in the level I want it and I will work with Warren again when I am ready to expand my business.

I recommended him to all my new coach colleagues.


Life coach 

"October 2019 was the turning point…

I started to realize that the banking sector in Lebanon is witnessing the biggest crisis in history, and I realized I should move on to something I’m passionate about, and that can generate steady income…

Throughout my 29 years career in banking my subordinates were all inspired by my way of setting my goals, accepting my limitations and working on them to reach the final destination..

I started my quest for finding the best diploma in coaching and I studied it for the past 2 years and I became a coach …

Then what?...

Not knowing how to start, what is the strategy, what are the steps, and what is my signature program is, I preferred to stay in my banking career where it is safe with consistent financial income, although I had so many ideas, with a great passion to serve and empower people.

My searching for ways to start and how to attract my desired audiences never stopped until I saw a very attractive 5-days business challenge designed ‘to help women coaches use their superpower to build successful coaching businesses'

I literally had no strategy or mission for the type of coaching I want to be involved in, until…

Until I did my 1on1 session with Warren Nel - It sparked my passion and enhanced clarity to my thoughts, I suddenly believed I can do it, found my signature program, and started writing down my strategy, and my vision is well defined now.

I definitely recommend Warren.

Life is too short to only learn from your own mistakes, take the results of people who have been through all the process, learn from their mistakes, and take it from there.

I recommend Warren to show you step-by-step how to build a professional coaching business from scratch and make it profitable and sustainable.

I found my way Warren, and I am happy you were part of it."

Form - Get Paid Clients (80% Scholarship)

Note: you will be redirected to another page where you’ll have the opportunity to apply for and book your call (without it, you won’t gain access to the 30-Day Get-Paid-Clients Challenge)

Wessam Halawa

Life coach 

"I had a few concerns about my coaching business.

I wasn't sure if I had targeted the right niche and whether I am using the correct strategies to attract clients.

However, after meeting Warren, my perspective changed completely!

During our engagement in the Business Challenge, Warren introduced several innovative ideas and strategies that helped me grow as a business professional.

He challenged me to think outside the box and encouraged me to take risks. I discovered that I had untapped potential and that I was capable of achieving more than I ever thought possible.

I gained more confidence and self-awareness which will allow me to overcome any obstacle that comes my way.

My business acumen improved dramatically, thanks to this amazing program.

I wholeheartedly recommend Warren to anyone looking to enhance their professional skills and take their coaching career to the next level.

His innovative approach to coaching and mentoring is incredibly influential."

Dr. Rima Rouhana

Doctor of Philosophy, Business Management

Senior Lecturer, University of Liège

A Shoutout to Warren Nel, a Great Mentor and Business Coach for Lebanese Women Entrepreneurs.

I'm calling all Lebanese women entrepreneurs to follow Warren Nel!

He's a great mentor and business coach who can help you guide your online business to success.

I've attended one of his classes myself, and I highly recommend them.

In his classes, Warren teaches you how to:

* Get paid clients

* Improve your business

* Set and achieve your goals

* Build your online presence

* And more!

Warren also offers FREE scholarships
if you cannot afford to pay tuition.

So if you're a Lebanese woman entrepreneur who's looking for support and guidance, I highly recommend checking out Warren's classes.

Thank you, Warren, for your support! I'm looking forward to future collaborations.

For any advice or support, you can also drop me a PM. Keep striving for success!

Islam Alobaid

Healthcare quality Auditor at Department of Health Abu Dhabi

“Before meeting Warren and using the Get-Paid-Clients Framework,

I struggled to transition from the preparation phase to actively finding clients.

As an introvert, spreading the word beyond my immediate circle was challenging.

Discovering the framework revealed that helping clients only required a few steps ahead, breaking down the process into manageable steps.

Engaging with Warren provided the motivation I needed to overcome hesitation.

His support and guidance, based on his own journey, were invaluable.

The framework, blueprints, and discovery call process offered practical insights. The impact was profound – newfound motivation and a structured approach to kickstart my business.

I wholeheartedly recommend Warren and the Get-Paid-Clients Framework. 

The course delivered as promised, offering a straightforward process for approaching people and generating leads.

Warren's generous sharing of knowledge and experience, coupled with two weeks of dedicated work, resulted in a clear pathway to acquiring clients and structuring my business effectively."

Form - Get Paid Clients (80% Scholarship)

Note: you will be redirected to another page where you’ll have the opportunity to apply for and book your call (without it, you won’t gain access to the 30-Day Get-Paid-Clients Challenge)

Register Here For Your Scholarship (LIMITED)

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How it all started?

I was highly introverted, socially uncomfortable, and lacking in confidence

I knew that I wanted to do something, something big

I wanted to express myself to the world, assist others overcome their difficulties

… And share my unique story to inspire others. 

I had no idea how to go about it until I booked my discovery call with my now coach/mentor, Warren Nel. 

A call that took me to a brand new trajectory to self-discovery. 

I vividly recall my first Mastermind, where I was so anxious that I bit my nails and prepared excessively to ensure that everything went properly…

Little did I know that the moment I stood up to talk, I won’t be looking back! 

I am unrecognizable! And I owe it all to my coach and mentor, Warren Nel, who’s humble, devoted, and incredibly compassionate which I am truly grateful for 🙏🏼

I made some beautiful connections with kind-hearted and intelligent people coming from different walks of life that I learned so much from, and created memories that I will cherish forever as these sessions mark the beginning of my journey as a Life Coach 🙏🏼🙏🏼 

Excited and determined to heal the world 🌎 Mission: PEOPLE. 🚀 

Samra Shahid

"We really thank you Warren for this challenging opportunity, for your step by step guidance and for sheding the light on the core and the main pillars of coaching and for gathering coaches within our country"




"Thank you so much, Warren, for all the information and the insights. I personally have learnt a lot from you."



Life Coach

"The Business Challenge read my mind. At that point I was searching for the first step. Warren is generous with information. Information that cuts through all the fog and makes the road clear. The Business Challenge will take you out of your comfort zone, and give you a simple system for building your coaching business Grateful for this opportunity"



Life Coach

"Thank you for the business strategy session I have more clarity now and more insights about the steps that I need to take and how I should think in order to grow my business 🙏🏻✨"



Life Coach

"I was honored to be part of Mr Warren Nel's Business Challenge Program. He is a very generous and professional coach, and his program is so rich in information, guidance and breakthroughs Thank you Mr Nel for this opportunity, looking forward for investing in other programs"



Life Coach

"First I was attracted by the subject "helping women coaches to embrace their power", and I was thinking how could this program help me or how it will add value to my career! Then, when I started the program, I began to visualize my journey so I started asking myself questions which highlighted some options and opportunities. The program was very interesting as it opened up new ideas and new challenges for me. Warren, I really appreciate you and your efforts, as well as your follow up and your dedication. I really recommend this program to all women coaches who are struggling with launching their business. Thank you again and best of luck!"



Life Coach

“I had already done coaching before and truly believe in it as guidance to achieve my goals.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a group course and didn’t know if the impact was going to be as strong as a one to one session.

The Success Crash course was the perfect excuse for me to force myself to sit down and learn from Warren and all the other members of the group.

I really enjoyed being part of a community that works so hard on their personal development.

The sessions have the right length to get you hooked on the topic, learn and leave you with a taste for more... and that more is the homework you need to do alone.

Thank you Warren for being intense, dedicated and obsessed with the group’s success.
We’re lucky to have you!”

Blanca de la Fuente

"I’d love to share my experience with The Business Challenge, I was stuck and after asking for guidance I met Warren Nel who gave me the opportunity to be part of his group, he was so generous by sharing valuable information and he offered great individual support. I am so grateful for this fruitful experience."



Life Coach
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