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Mind Mastery for Coaches: 4 Steps to Un-brainwashing Yourself

Have you ever thought about your life this way?

Your life is a story.

Perhaps the most important story ever told.

You’re the main character.

And the script? You get to write it!

The question is: will it be meaningful?

…will it matter?

Questions that haunted me for years…

The sad reality: most people don’t live their best stories.

And although we’re on this mission (to change the world in our own unique way)

Sometimes, we too, aren’t living our best stories…


We got the wrong script starting out.

Before we could reason properly.

Before we could determine whether/not it was the best possible script (one that honored our best potential), our vulnerable minds were fed with ideas… 

Ideas about who we should be, and how we should live.

And ideas about money, people, politics, … the list goes on.

Some ideas were good (ones that truly served us). Others, not so much…

We followed these ideas and adopted them unreservedly and embraced them as truth.

We were brainwashed (there I said it).

The brainwashers?

   1. Parents/guardians – no, they’re not bad people and not all their ideas were were off – some just served us better than others.

   2. Our schooling – for the most part, it’s failed us. Miserably.

   3. The media (let’s not even go there…)

Perhaps ‘programmed’ is a more acceptable term than brainwashed…

What are the ways we’re programmed?

(programming = the things that influence your inner script – that directs your life!)

  # 1. Verbal programming – things we’ve heard.

Things like: “money doesn’t grow on trees”, “rich people are greedy”, “children should be seen 

and not heard”

‘Innocent’ sayings that we hear over and over again – and eventually adopt as our own ’truths’.

For example, because I grew up in a household where money was not abundant, I frequently heard the phrase, “we can’t afford it”.

I later adopted that limiting belief as my own (“I can’t afford it”) and it ingrained the idea that money was in fact, scarce, and that “I needed to work HARD to get more of it”

The result? I struggled with money for the majority of my 20’s…

  #2. Modeling – people we watched (like the ones mentioned above)

The toughest part is that sometimes the people we most love (and look up to), despite their best intentions for us, don’t always have the best adviceYet still give it, as if it is. 

Not because they’re trying to harm us – but because they aren’t.

   #3. Experiences

We live in a broken world. That’s the reality.

Things happen to us that never should have (I praise God that all is redeemed and that every tear will be wiped away one day).

And the thing that most impacts us is not the event (or trauma) itself, but rather, the meaning we attach to these events.

Once we do that, a little story gets written in our inner script (about the event that happened) and again, we accept that story as if it were 100% true – something deeply embedded in the inner parts of our subconscious mind.

For example, before my parents got divorced when I was 4, I thought adults were perfect beings and could be fully trusted 🙂

What do you think the story was after the divorce?

You get the main idea.


How do you un-brainwash yourself? 4 Steps below…

Growth requires change. And the first step of change is? Awareness.

That’s the first step: become aware

– Aware of your inner script (the ongoing noise in your head).

– Aware of the influences on this script and the ways you’re programmed (what I mentioned further above).

Ask yourself: “what (and who) are the influences in my environment? In what ways are they influencing me?”

Second step: identify

Identify the parts of the script (i.e. narratives/beliefs) that aren’t aligned with your mission, and your best self.

Craig Groeschel once said, “you can’t destroy what you can’t define”.

So once you’ve defined these little stories that aren’t serving you, destroy them.

Or rather, overwrite them (since they technically can never be destroyed. I’ll spare you the explanation 😉 ) 

Third step: overwrite 

In the same file in your mind where that little story (AKA false truth AKA limiting belief) was written, you overwrite it with a new, empowering statement about you and/or your new reality.

In my example, that meant simply overwriting this previous limiting belief (“I can’t afford it”) with something more liberating and truthful like, “I can afford it” (which later became, “I will afford it” 💪).

Fourth step: rewrite

That is, you break the old script (of the larger story of your life)

…the one given to you early on. The one that became your default – that said you should “play it safe” / “don’t stand out” / “be like the other kids”…

You broke this script when you decided to be a coach.

Or perhaps it was before that…

Whenever it was, it was the day you decided not to let your brainwashing define you and your destiny.

And after breaking the script? You write something new.

I think the greatest power God gave us is to think. To create. 

To write our own story.

So, what are you writing?

Whatever it is, by God’s grace, may it truly be the best story ever told.

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