Step 1: Find a Profitable Niche

About Step 1: Find a Profitable Niche

In this video, I break down 3 of the common mistakes coaches make when it comes to finding their niche. Are you making any of these mistakes? For homework, answer the following questions: 1. What am I PASSIONATE about? 2. What am I GOOD at? 3. Is the problem I want to solve, one that people are WILLING to pay for? 4. Are the people that have this problem ABLE to pay for it?

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In this video, I break down the 3 Marco Markets (Health, Wealth, Relationships) and give examples of how one might narrow down their niche as subcategories under one of these markets. These are the root of what everyone struggles with & what they will pay for that problem to be solved. Which market are you under? How can you make it more specific by narrowing it down to a micro niche? For homework, answer the following questions: 1. Who is the ONE person you help? 2. What is the ONE problem you help them solve?

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#1 reason for business failure? Creating something (like a coaching program) that nobody wants… Why? Because they don’t KNOW their audience... People are EMOTIONAL beings. And they're motivated by 2 key emotions: pleasure, and even more so, PAIN. If you’re NOT talking to your prospect’s strongest and deepest wants, needs, and desires, then you’ll never be able to create and offer something your audience REALLY really wants (and is willing to pay for!) For that you need a clear customer avatar. Go through the 5 step guide (attached) on how to start defining your own customer avatar (I'd recommend doing this exercise using a google doc file) As a bonus resource, I've included the 7-question guide to 'Deeply Understand Your Dream Customers' (attached) which will help you further dig into your dream customers' motivating factors and ensure you know how to attract them and build an offer they WANT and are willing to PAY for

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