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Ready to Get MORE Done w/out Self-judging? 5 Hacks👇

“I’m the worst…”

You know those pesky internal narratives that sabotage us at every corner?

I’m a bit ashamed to admit it…

This is one of mine.

It shows up when I’m having a bad work day and I haven’t performed at the level I desire.

“I’m… the… worst…”

I can feel that overpowering whisper rattling my confidence and consuming my soul.

Isn’t it crazy? No matter how far you’ve come, or how many battles you’ve won (to get to grow to where you are now), it still sometimes feels like it’s not enough?

Here’s what’s helped me navigate this.

5 Hacks to Get More Done (w/out Beating Yourself Up or Losing Your Identity)👇

   #1. Work hard, but don’t be hard.

… instead, be Kind.

No doubt, you’ve heard this before. Another cliché that’s unfortunately lost much of it’s value.

But the simplicity of this message couldn’t be more needed in today’s broken world. Wouldn’t you agree?

The journey of personal growth reveals many things in you.

One of those first things for me back in 2016 was how terrible my self-talk was.

No surprise as to why my self-esteem was so low.

I realized that if I spoke to others the way I did with myself, I’d probably have no friends.

Brené Brown once said you should “talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.”

Work hard on yourself. But don’t be (too) hard on yourself.

   #2. Focus on trajectory, not perfectory

Perfectionism: a mask for insecurity.

(“he said what??”)

Seriously. That’s one thing I discovered as a recovering perfectionist.

What should you be instead? A progressionist.

In the book Atomic Habits, James Clear gives this cool analogy of the difference in trajectory between a plane flying from Los Angeles to New York City. He notes that if the pilot’s just 3.5 degrees south off course, the plane would land up in Washington DC, instead of New York City.

That’s the power of trajectory!

But yet we still judge our lack of progress on those imperfect days…

The next time you’re having a bad day (and you will), instead of self-judging, ask yourself:

“What’s my trajectory (direction) right now?”

If you’re a high performer who tends to push yourself (too) hard, I think you’ll find you’re doing better than you think.

(Note: in case I’m mistaken on this one – this should NOT be used as an excuse to procrastinate and slack off. You’ll know deep down if you are 😉 )

Also ask:

“Have I improved today (by at least 1%)?”

Don’t underestimate the power of tiny actions. They snowball over time.

   #3. Switch it up 

Do you sometimes feel like you work hard for a while, and then suddently hit a roadblock?

…where everything slows down and you feel stuck…

How do you get back in the FLOW?

My secret: change your location / environment.

It’s the simplest hack with the highest return – the smallest big thing you can do to stimulate creativity and unlock a new level of productivity.

Like a boost button that always seems to work!

(I’m sure by now you can tell that I like analogies)

   #4. Do something good 

… for someone else.

John Maxwell once said, “it’s hard to feel bad about yourself when you’re doing something good for someone else.”

Pro tip: have that ‘someone else’ be a stranger (so you get out of your comfort zone).

It’s easy to get so caught up in your work/mission that you alienate yourself from those around you.

For example, when I go grocery shopping, I tend to rush through the list and get the items as quick as possible (so I can get back to work asap).

This makes me unavailable to the needs of others – particularly strangers.

So I’m working on the habit of pausing – being more present and attentive to those around me – something that’s brought a new refreshness to my soul (and my productivity!)

Ask yourself: 

“In the midst of my mission, how can I be more available to serve those around me?”

… Then, of course, do something good for YOU.

My favorite go-to is exercise (i.e. run, swim, lift weights, …) and / or a smoothie.

Few things give me a greater shift than these.

The physiological and especially psychological effects are profound. 

Find what gives you the same, and establish it as a practice so you can activate your SHIFT on demand.

   #5. Vote

Ready for another reference to the book, ‘Atomic Habits’?

It’s my favorite quote in the book…

“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.”

If you want to be your best version (the ‘Super-You’), you must act like that person would.

Ask yourself: 

“What would the best me do right now?”

That question’s been a guiding light through some of the darkest temptations to procrastinate and has held me accountable to my highest potential.

Hope those 5 tips help you get MORE done in less time (w/out self-judging / losing your I.D.)

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