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The One Habit To Help You GROW Through Fear And Develop Superhero Confidence (As A Coach)

Ever struggle with overcoming fear as a coach/expert?

That’s the thing about coaching and leadership:

You’re constantly faced with the biggest, baddest fears that you have (of failure, being an imposter, performance anxiety, etc.) 

If you don’t know how to navigate these in a positive way, you’re going to be self-sabotaging at every corner and you’ll never really develop into the leader your people need.

How do you overcome this?

Something that helped me when first starting out as a coach was this question:

“What would the very best version of myself do right now in this situation?”

Or, “What would the bravest version of myself do right now?” (i.e. if you had no fear!)

And all of a sudden, the question activated a part of my mind and opened up a whole new world of possibility, and a whole new level of CONFIDENCE.

In these moments, we see a truer version of ourselves. Our potential. 

So the next time you’re navigating these fears as you’re coaching, as you’re leading, as you’re trying to change the world in your own unique way, ask yourself these questions. 

And in time, you’ll grow through these fears and develop superhero confidence as a coach.

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