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The only REAL Superpower…

Ever since October of 2016, when I realized I had more potential than my parents (and society) told me…

The word, superpower, has been a common theme in life, my work, and my mission.

I believe everyone has a superpower.

Just waiting to be discovered, developed, and used to change the world in their own unique way…

BUT then one morning in Tennessee (as I was doing my personal devotion), I discovered this word (superpower), has a deeper meaning.

Here’s a poem I wrote that morning. As a fellow superhero (i.e. someone on a mission to change the world in their own unique way), I pray it resonates with you in the same way it did for me…

Here goes…


It’s in our DNA.

We have been designed in it. Through it. And by it.

It’s the essence of our being.

Embedded in our hearts and minds.

A mysterious, universal language.

A language that begs to be shared, and binds us together.

Designed to be given, and received.

It nourishes and enriches all involved in the extraordinary, reciprocal exchange.

Living. Transformative. Transcending. All powerful. 

In fact, the most powerful thing in the universe!

It is the only thing that really matters

It is the ONLY real superpower.

If you have it, you have all you’ll ever need. 

If you have everything else but none of it, your heart is bankrupt, and you have nothing.

Love is a choice.

A seed you can choose to sow – each day, each moment.

What you sow, you grow

It expands over time until you are transformed by it, and through it. 

Until you become it.

Yes, the more you love, the more you become loving! 

And the more you love, the more you draw it out in others.

What you choose, you sow. 

What you sow, you grow. 

What you grow, you become.

Choose love. 

Always love.

My name is Warren. My mission is simple:

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