How to Actually get Paid Coaching Clients

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“This is hard! I can’t do it…”

“This is hard! I can’t do it…”

That’s how I used to feel about writing.

My wife (Kelly) is an INCREDIBLE writer. 

My mind is blown each time I read her stuff (I’m totally unashamed to brag about it!)

To be honest though, I was intimidated by this when I first started.

“How could I ever come up with writing as creative as hers??”

Thankfully I got over myself. And just started doing (some) writing.

And gues what? It really wasn’t great.

In fact, some of it was bad…

But then I wrote some more

And some more (and some more…)

Until it was great 🙂

That’s NOT to say all of my writing is great, but I’ve improved drastically since I started, and it’s getting better every time I write (and will continue to… as long as I continue writing!)

Famous blogger, Seth Godin says you’ve got to do a lot of bad writing first before the good stuff comes out (that advice is coming from someone who’s written a blog EVERY DAY for over a decade! And he’s got one of the most successful blogs on the internet! Check it out here if you want: Seth’s Blog )

But the problem is that MOST coaches (or creatives, or people in general) either don’t try, or they give up too soon.

There are a thousand excuses not to write (“I’m not talented”, “I don’t have time”, “I have nothing to write about”, …) 

Real talk: 

Your story is too significant

Your voice is too unique

And your message is too important 

Not to share it!

If you’ve been delaying, or hiding… I encourage you to start sharing.

One of the best ways to do so? Writing.

It’s the basis of ALL great communication – you improve your writing, and you improve your speaking, your coaching, your selling, and many other powerful skills to help you change the world in your own unique way)

Start now.

Get your bad writing out of the way so the good stuff can start coming out!

Your people out there are just waiting to hear your message, if you’ll just find your voice and start sharing it!

My name is Warren. My mission is simple:

Help women coaches get PAID clients, STAND out, and build an authentic coaching business that generates Consistent Income, and that gives them the freedom and control to do what they love full-time (and change the world in their own unique way)

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