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Want 4 Tips to Finding the Perfect Niche?

Here’s the bad news: most niches are not profitable.

The good news? There are simple ways to discover which ones those are.

Ever been on a treasure hunt?

That’s what finding your niche is like.

“X” marks the spot where passion, expertise, and market demand converge.

You’re the expert guide helping others navigate uncharted territories to reach their goals.

But how do you find that sweet spot?

4 Tips to Finding the Perfect Niche👇

   Tip #1. Follow your heart (and your superpower)

Want to ensure you’re never stuck doing another job you hate?

What problem are you passionate about?

How could YOU solve it? (i.e. your superpower)

  Tip #2. Create your dream client

#1 reason businesses fail? Building something nobody wants…

Nailing this ensures you don’t become another failed entrepreneur.

If you were to consolidate all of your dream clients into ONE avatar, how would you describe them? (focusing specifically on their pains and frustrations)

Bonus points for being specific (and for continuously updating your avatar with new data found in tip #3)

   Tip #3. Listen carefully 

Don’t do surveys. They’re mostly useless.

Do listen to what they say. Quit guessing. Get actual data straight from the source by speaking to them:

  • phone calls
  • direct messaging
  • customer interviews
  • interactive sessions

   Tip #4. Watch closely

People’s words and actions often don’t match up.

The best way to ensure you’ve built what your target audience is willing to PAY for

   i. Build a prototype 

(a rough version of your product/service with essential features)

   ii. Test it on your audience

   iii. Watch closely – check their buying patterns & feedback

   iv. Validate 

“Does this work? Do they really like it?”

If so, congrats you’ve found your niche!

Feel free to let me know which step most relates to you by commenting on this post.

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