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“You don’t need a niche”

Dear coach,

“You don’t need a niche”

That’s the worst advice I ever got.

The second worst advice?

“You can serve anyone with a pulse”

I’ll never forget the mentor who told me that…

I held onto those words as I set out on my coaching journey to try and change the world in my own unique way,

… And it got me nowhere.

Not having a niche is like a doctor offering meds to their patient, without knowing the problem.

Sure, there’s a little ‘niche’ of coaches out there who’ve managed to somehow build a following and grow a successful business - without having a niche.

Here’s what I know…

Aiming for the masses - creating something, for “everyone” - and being super “general” in your business approach, is the quickest route to becoming another ‘vanilla-flavored’ coach out there.

But guess what? The world doesn’t need another one of those. 

The world needs YOU.

Yes, being general and going for the masses (i.e. not having a niche) is more comfortable (it’s also a good place to hide).

If that’s what you want. Then go ahead. You don’t need a niche.

The other option is to be brave.To get specific. 

To choose. A niche.

Why’s that brave? Because it takes guts to choose a small niche of people and commit yourself to creating something special - just for them.

It’s scary because, as Seth Godin would say, “you’re on the hook!”

Plus, it’s risky (“what if I create something specific, and they don’t like it?!)

Be brave.

If you do, you’ll get the chance to build more than a business.

You’ll get to establish a unique brand. One that stands out among all the other coaches and experts out there.

And the best part?

Your audience will feel more CONNECTED. To you. To the tribe.

And most importantly, they’ll be more connected with themselves.

You’ll be able to create more meaningful experiences and build more than a business, or even a brand…

You’ll get to create a movement, and a legacy.

My wife, Kelly, once said in a mastermind we did a few years, “you have something to give, that only you can give the world”. 

I believe we each have a unique gift from above.

Your “superpower”.

Dear coach, as you embark (or continue) on this journey…

I encourage you to get specific about who you want to serve.

To zoom in, get specific, get personal, and niche down.

To do the hard work of creating something unique and beautiful for them (while developing the resilience in along the way as you innovate and fail forward).

It will be the most (or at least, one of the most) fulfilling things you ever do.

My name is Warren. My mission is simple:

Help women coaches get PAID clients, STAND out, and build an authentic coaching business that generates Consistent Income, and that gives them the freedom and control to do what they love full-time (and change the world in their own unique way)

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